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The Limelight and Prowave LX

Our new xeo handpieces, the LimeLight and Prowave LX, deliver these effective treatments in fewer sessions than outdated laser systems. The ProWave LX specializes in hair removal, and can be safely used anywhere on the body. The LimeLight, with its broad, customizable wavelengths of laser light, can treat spots on your skin, veins, sun damage, and offer general rejuvenation.


Feel free to explore our site to discover how the xeo system can address each condition. You will find plenty of information on treatment methods, and what you can expect for each procedure. Ask about the xeo at your next visit to our medical spa, Point Laser & Aesthetics, and let us give your skin the excellent care it deserves!

Revolutionary skin treatment

The Xeo Difference

At Point Laser & Aesthetics, we are pleased to provide you with a wide selection of cosmetic services with our new Cutera xeo laser system. The xeo is a cutting-edge cosmetic platform that hosts an array of laser-based systems. Treatment with the xeo is safe, fast, and non-invasive. With these new, innovative laser treatments, we can address:

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